Featured Content: Government to Undertake Pensioners Census

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Featured Content: Government to Undertake Pensioners Census

Written by   Alex Otto ,Uganda Radio Network

The Ministry of Public is undertaking a census and biometric validation exercise to establish the total number of valid pensioners on the government pay roll.

The exercise, which will start on February 13 and run to March 30, will cover Ugandan pensioners who are stuck at their homes either because of their poor health, old age and distance as well as nationals of India, United Kingdom and Kenya, who were previously employed in the Ugandan Public Service.

Currently there are 32 United Kingdom nationals, 23 Kenyan nationals, and 10 Indian nationals who are entitled to pension.

The number of pensioners on the payroll is 70,085 worth 249 billion per annum, as of December 2016. However, another 2,181 pensioners are unverified, according to Public Service Minister Wilson Muruli Mukasa. The unverified pensioner’s expense is estimated at 997 million Shillings per month.

Muruli states that the exercise of all pensioners and claimants will be held at the district headquarters and its data will be linked with the national identification register for faster and easier verification of in future. He is optimistic that the system will eliminate the resurgence of ghost pensioners

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Government to Undertake Pensioners Census


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