Nansana goes without water for weeks

In the New Vision story  Nansana goes without water for weeks, Saphira Nahabwe tells the story of how residents are coping with water scarcity that was caused when a roadworks grader  in the municipality.cut through the water supply pipe.

“For some time, I have been waking up at 5:00am to fetch water to for cooking, drinking, bathing, etc. However, I have given up. I have decided to buy from vendors,” said Sharon Nimusiima, a resident of Kabumbi, Nansana municipality in Wakiso district.

Nimusiima and her family are some of the people trying to cope with water scarcity ever since their supply pipes were damaged by a grader that was working on one of the roads in the municipality.

On MiniBuzz today Ugandans discuss why some people default on their utility bills.

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