Why water utility customers don’t pay their bills promptly

In Why Water utility customers don’t pay their bills promptly, researchers Josses Mugabi, Sam Kayaga and Ian Smout examine the motivations of water utility customers when it comes to paying their water bills promptly. The scope of their study covered five small urban water utilities in Uganda.

Field studies carried out in many developing countries have shown that cost recovery is a key prerequisite for sustainable water services provision. The chief means of recovering the costs of service provision is through user -payments for the services provided. As a result, a key determinant of overall cost recovery efficiency is the service provider’s ability to recover payment, within a reasonable time-frame, for all the bills sent to customers.

However, many water utilities, especially in Africa, are unable to even recover 50 percent of their total billed amounts in any billing cycle.Customers struggle to pay up their bills, and eventually get disconnected, leading to accumulation of huge unpaid bills.
Today on Bukedde TV 1 the same topic will be discussed by regular Ugandans in the MiniBuzz.



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